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10 Dec 11

Council meeting agenda

Theme Park Analysis

Theme park analysis proposal

Feasibility study (pg 61)

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Landscape Proposal 

Landscape Cost out 


Pre-Council Meeting:  My intention was to make three videos.  One to talk about the ward redistricting (This census makes natural boundaries such as I-70, Brandt Pike and Troy Pike, the obvious choices yet we end up with gerrymandering even at the city level).  The second one would talk about the recreational center's lawn mowing/landscaping proposal (The feasibility study told us to expect $45,000 to maintain the landscaping, this proposal is for $90,000 and doesn't show to the public the $62,000 in hours the YMCA will be contributing).  The third video I made this morning and is the only one shown right now.  This one is on the $66,000 the city plans to spend on studying if they want to hire a theme park developer to assist with "The Heights".  Key points are this - part of this analysis is from an "independent" company that was recommended by the theme park company, so I wonder what the city did to see if there wasn't a more independent company they could ask to do the analysis.  Also, I wonder what the city has done to check out the resume of the theme park company.  

Within this entire meeting it will be interesting how they couch these expenditures within the context of their desire to get more freedom from the current earmark structure and the .25% tax increase they are seeking.




7 Dec 11

Committee Agenda

New YMCA Handbook

Naming Aquatic center Proposal

Theme park Proposal

Pre-Administration Committee meeting.  The agenda contains items on the Recreational Facility (Aquatic Center Handbook and Contract to find donors that want it named after something specific) and the possible theme park to augment the Heights Development project.  The study to see if we want to partner with the theme park company is $81,000.  Note - I linked to the Nov 9th version of the theme park proposal because it shows the kind of projects Holbrook LLC has undertaken.  That was dropped from this meetings link.


27 Nov 2011

lProposed Handbook from Nov 28th Adm agenda

l Tipp City Financial report from Tipp City website

lHH Aquatic center feasibility study and May 4th  feasibility brief

The video in the next row talks about the committee meeting concerning the Income Tax levy.  This video is about the Aquatic Center Budget. This video was made prior to the Administration committee meeting.  During the meeting we learned the YMCA sent council an outdate budget and asked that this topic be discussed Dec 7th.  


22 Nov 2011

City of Huber Heights Activity Survey

City/YMCA Aquatic Center Contract

City Income Tax Proposal see agenda items D and E

My Articles:

Heights development article - talks about relieving tax burden.

Opportunity Costs - Mar 2011 article that talks about TIF funds and the possibility of making them available for other purposes

Water Bill


Preview of Agenda items for Monday night's council meetings.  This includes the proposed increase in the income tax.  The administration committee meets at 4pm the council meeting is at 7 pm. There was a follow-up meeting on Thursday concerning the budget and the income tax levy.  I have not created a video but I did write an article.



17 Nov 2011

City WebSite

Intro to the Huber Heights City Web Site 

I'm trying to get more people interested in the city's business.  The city website is a good place to learn some of the details.

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