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The council will vote to adopt the Huber Heights Recreational Activity Center Master Plan.  This has also been referred to as the feasibility study.  As a master plan I would like to see better development of the expected operating plan.  In public sessions council has mentioned they intend to hire the YMCA to administer the new complex.  What exactly does this mean?  Is it possible Y membership will reduce admission fees? The master plan mentions possible fee schedules but the developer has gone out of their way to say these are still up to the city 

The Master Plan was put together by the prospective Architectural firm.  Whenever they have briefed during public meetings they are careful to declare they will have nothing to do with the operation of the facility and this aspect of the project is totally up to the city.  This leads to the question does the Master Plan reflect at least in principle the City's expectation on fees and revenues?  

In public meetings council did state they have had preliminary discussions with the Y and expect the Y will run the facility.  I am not aware of a formal agreement being disclosed in a public forum.  

During the May 4th Administrative Committee meeting the presentation contained a wide range of net revenues for the operation of existing facilities.  One of the major differences was whether the cities operated the facility themselves (bigger net revenues) or they contracted out this job to another agency (marginal revenues or loses).  The Master Plan doesn't contain this information so I am working from memory but of all the case studies sited only one city realized the kind of net revenues presented in our Master Plan. Tip City for instance has realized positive net revenue in only one year and that profit was just $7000


I believe the council should disclose the intended operating plan before they commit significantly more city resources to the project.  Is the intention for this project to provide additional revenue to the city?  Is there a scenario where the city will make the facility free to residents?  The Master Plan states charges could be as high as $8.00 a person before the cost drives people away.  If the facility is built under capacity to start is $8.00 a person the desired daily rate?  Will Y membership be a factor in determining rates?  

Let me state again I am not currently a member of council.  I am not privilege enough to know what has been discussed in executive session.  There is also the possibility the information is available publicly.  I welcome you or present council members to point to the public record if there is one available and I will incorporate that knowledge in my assessment and decision making process.  The proposed fee schedule as well as expected operating revenues/losses would moderately to significantly effect my support for the project.


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