Commentary by Tom McMasters 


Most important Congressional Letter in Years!  6 Nov 11


I turned on the Sunday morning talk shows this morning and was pleased to see over 100 members of congress (at least 60 Democrats and 40 Republicans) signed a letter telling the Super Committee they need to go big with the deficit reductions they are charged to make before the end of the month.  This report is available online and the points made by Congressmen Heath Shuler and Mike Simpson are right on target and I urge you to watch the report  and then contact your congressmen and let him know you support this effort.


I hope you have done the two things in the paragraph above before continuing reading this.  This is that important to the country.  


I'm writing a couple more items just to stress the point on how important it is that these congressmen get their point out to the rest of the congress.

Point 1; Tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow are the last two nights before the council election.  Since you are here, I have your attention.  It is very important for my campaign that you learn about what I believe is best for the city.  Yet I'm taking this time trying to get you to think about and act on this television report about deficit. This may even end up being at the top of the latest article page. 

Point 2; I usually make a big deal when the rest of the media and congress finally catch up to me and start saying the things I've been promoting.  Yet I waited until you've read this much of the article to mention I promoted this path in both my Nov 17, 2010 and Dec 1, 2010 articles.  If you haven't watched the TV report and written your congressmen, I don't want you look at my articles.  My articles will be there tomorrow.  Read them after you contacted you congressman and tell them you support the efforts of Congressman Heath Shuler and Congressman Mike Simpson.  


For those that are here because of the Huber Heights Council race.  This is the page to start for the best insight into my campaign.


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