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Let me apologize upfront for grammar and spelling.  The way I write I need about a week between first draft and final edit before I can see some of my sentences aren’t sentences.  I think the issue is important enough to say something prior to the vote.  I’ll clean up the grammar later.  View Analysis



City Council met Monday 7pm (May 9th) at City Hall and authorized the city manager to enter into a contract between the architect / builders of the recreation center and the city.    Read the Huber Heights Recreational Activity Center Master Plan

The Planning Commission met 7pm Tuesday May 10th at City Hall and will heard citizen comments concerning land and roadway usage as they pertain to the recreational center.  The planning commission disapproved the detailed plan because detail plans contain more information than what was provided for this meeting.  The planning commission approved the basic plan.  This will allow some of the preparation work at the site to begin. I wrote a quick summary.

My analysis As you may know I am a candidate for the Ward 6 seat on City Council.  Your current city council communicates through the cities website and various public meetings.  I highly encourage you to take advantage of the information they offer and provide feedback to help them understand the level of information you feel is appropriate and helpful.  I provided my analysis of the project prior to the vote May 9th.  My position was based on the public meetings I attended and the information available on the website. As of 9 May I still believe there are relevant questions the council should address in a public forum.  Read  the presentation I prepared prior to the council meeting.  This will help you judge if I am an appropriate person to represent your views and interests on city council.   

The Administration Committee meets 31 Aug maybe to talk about the YMCA contract.  Read my thoughts (prepared before agenda is published online). 


During Tuesdays Administrative Committee meeting (Aug 16th) it appeared that council had decided to hire the YMCA to run the Aquatic Center and that this item would be on Monday’s Council meeting agenda.  The agenda is out today and it does not contain this item. 

Background:  When the aquatic center was first revealed to the public council also announced they intended for the YMCA to run the facility.  Subsequent to this initial announcement the mayor and council have on a couple occasions told interested citizens that no decision had been made on who would run the center.  I’ve been looking for agenda items on council, administrative committee, and parks and recreation meetings concerning how the city would evaluate how the aquatic center operations should be administered.  I have not identified any discussions that have occurred in open meetings until the administrative meeting held August 16th.  In this meeting council was examining a proposed contract between the city and YMCA.  My expectation after this meeting was that there would be a vote on Monday establishing this relationship.  Now that it is not on the agenda this gives you the opportunity to ask council to give details about the other administration options they considered.  Find the HH Council Meeting Agendas.  Come to the meeting Monday at city hall during citizen comments ask for more details or Watch Online (click at 7:00pm)

My Analysis

City council meeting Live Streaming Video (this works only during the time of the meeting)

The City has essentially committed to spending the $6 to $10 million dollars but it still makes sense for you to provide them comments on your expectations

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