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Date: 04/25/2011


Renegotiating City Contracts


This issue is an important qualifier as to if I am a good candidate for your vote because I think publicizing this is important even though I think renegotiating is probably a smart idea.  It is important to publicize because I think there are many residents that will think they are being cheated out of an opportunity to reap the benefits of SB 5 if the council is not up front about the process and the residents find out after the fact.  I think it is important to have that debate first then take the vote.

OK Read my caveat


Tonight the city council voted to authorize the city manager to renegotiate all the collective bargaining agreements currently in effect.  At least that is how I read it.  This item had not been discussed in public prior to tonight.  This is the kind of item I believe the council should publicize to city residents to avoid the possibility of misunderstanding and community backlash.  I reproduce the resolution first and then the notes I prepared and presented to the council.  If you  donít believe this is the kind of issue that deserves more information from the council prior to them making it law, then you and I disagree on priorities. Iíd like your vote but perhaps one of the other candidateís will be focused on the same things you believe are important and you should consider him. I believe strongly that publicizing this type of city business is councilís responsibility and I will be spending a lot of time trying to convince other council members of the benefits. 


Text of resolution as found within the City prepared agenda quick look.






WHEREAS, the City is currently under contract with various City employee labor unions;

WHEREAS, certain labor unions have expressed interest to negotiate or renegotiate current or expiring contracts.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of Huber Heights, Ohio, that:

Section 1. The City Manager is authorized to negotiate or renegotiate with City employee labor unions if a new contract may be beneficial to the City.

Section 2. The City Manager is further authorized to make contact with Union representation to talk about new contract negotiations or renegotiations.

Section 3. This legislation is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary in order to provide for the continued protection of the public peace, health, safety and welfare and the continuation of labor contracts and positive labor relations, this Resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption by Council.


Passed by Council on the ______ day of __________, 2011;

______ Yeas; ______ Nays.



Clerk of Council Date


Mayor Date


 These are my notes as I expected to present them to council: (Watch to see how successful I was)

 Good evening Iím Tom McMasters

 Tonight Iím going to talk about agenda Item C.  Resolution authorizing the city manager to enter into contract negotiations with the Cityís labor unions, I urge the council to conduct a detailed discussion that will allow city residents an understanding of the details, purpose and expected results of these contract negotiations.

Minimum details the council should express during the public discussion include:

First - Concerning the current contracts

1.  Please declare each union and every corresponding contract this resolution covers.

2. Catalog - The current expiration date of the covered contracts

3.  The council should let the public know if this resolution provides a time frame for when negotiations must be completed and/or when new contracts will begin.  As currently written, what are the implications of the lack of time frame restrictions in the resolution?

Secondly - Concerning the definition of Beneficial to the City:

1.  Does the definition of Beneficial to the City include perceptional determinations such as Ė City workers will be happier knowing they have a new 3 year contract?  A happier work force is beneficial to the city.

2.  Does the definition of Beneficial to the City include the reduction of complications such as Ė The new State law, commonly referred to as SB5, will significantly change the atmosphere of upcoming negotiations, therefore if we can get new contracts in place before this law becomes effective we can avoid these complications?  This is a benefit to the city.

3.  Does the definition of Beneficial to the City include monetary benefit?  If so will the criteria for beneficial be judged strictly against the current contract terms or will they also be required to take into consideration the possible consequences of the new State law commonly referred to as SB5?  In both cases please declare the threshold monetary benefit the city expects to receive before replacing the current contracts.

Last item concerning benefits.  Will meeting only perceptional or complication criteria be enough benefit to the city to justify new contracts?  That is will a monetary benefit be a requirement?

Finally - Concerning the Declaration that this resolution needs to be adopted tonight to ensure continued protection of the public peace, health, safety and welfare:

1.  Are there budget problems that make meeting the payrolls of the current contracts problematic?


  The council passed the resolution.  Information learned during the discussion was that there are 6 collective bargaining organizations with contracts with the city.  2 contracts will expire this year.  The union representing the fire department is one  of the unions interested in renegotiating.

After the council meeting a couple council members talked with me and told me more information is available in committee meetings.  Looking at previous committee meeting agendas I see only one closed to the public administrative meeting that took place before the vote tonight. 

I guess Tuesday weíll find out  if my definition of public disclosure matches that of the voters of Huber Heights

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