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Of course the reason why there is a city is to provide services to the residents.  This can be fire and police, leaf removal in the fall, then snow removal in the winter, drainage and sewer planning.  There will always be public comment on how to make these services better.  Your city council not only is the legislative body that helps define the service that is suppose to be provided, it can also act as a liaison when community members have been unable to convey their issues directly to departments. 


After the ice storm the city’s website had an announcement announcing they would go through the neighborhood and chip branches up to 6 inches thick.  I know two of my neighbors had their piles out soon after the ice storm.  It’s now Mar and the piles are still there and the city’s website no longer has any information about the project.

I like the Yard Waste Site on Wildcat Road

Date: 25 Feb 2011

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