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Sidewalk Repair

I was at a Council Meeting when the council described the sidewalk repair program.  In this description, it sounded like a good concept that offered the best way to correct broken sidewalk slabs.  While out campaigning one resident had the impression the city was about to tack on a $2000 charge to her tax bill.  This kind of disconnect whether it was a bad description given during the council meeting or a misunderstanding by the citizen is something that council should work to correct.

This is what I heard during council meetings.  The city has a program where they assess the condition of the sidewalks of specific neighborhoods of the city.  If a slab is considered in disrepair they notify the resident they have the option of letting the city repair it or getting it repaired on their own.  The city has a contract with a company two repair the slabs at a set price.  This price is low because of volume discount because the company will be doing a bunch of repairs on the same street.  I was surprised when the mayor mentioned the cost to the resident was as low as $45.  This is especially surprising since the city in that same meeting passed a resolution to charge residents a $250 administration fee plus costs if the city had to send a company out to mow someone’s yard.  But I got the impression they considered the sidewalk issue more a service and yard clean-up an annoyance. 

As I said before the resident I talked with thought the city was going to charge her $2000 if she didn’t go out and have the work done herself.  I get the impression she paid $500 or $600 to get one slab replaced.

This is a case where council needs to be more clear when it speaks.  Especially if that poor resident could have gotten her sidewalk repaired for $45 if only the notice were written better. 

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There is a disconnect in what I thought I heard the mayor say as compared to one residents perception.

Date: 20 Apr 2011