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Universally, people who’ve talked to me consider Thomas Cloud a great community asset.  The city residents appreciate the council for keeping this park open.  In fact, some walkers wish the paths were available even when snow covers the paths.  My family enjoys many of the facilities in the park.  The kids all play soccer.  As a family we use the tennis courts and picnic areas.  I’ve played basketball there three or four times.


Restrooms:  The restrooms at Thomas Cloud are outdated and worn out.  This is the one section of the park that consistently gets criticized. The city is presently trying to update them.


Splash Park:  The city installed the splash park last year.  My family has not used it but it seemed well used and even crowded.  The feedback I heard from people that used it was the concept was good but they experienced to many occasions when the water went off for one reason or another.     During one council meeting the mayor made a special effort of the above and beyond dedication one of the city employees made to keep the facility open even coming in during off hours to ensure the residents could enjoy the water.  Hopefully, the kinks will have worked themselves out and the system will be a little more reliable next year. 


Residents appreciate the Park

Date: 25 Feb 11

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