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My first inclination was why would we want to go single provider for trash pick-up.  But I’ve talked with a couple of you and now am more open minded on the subject.

I have consumer experience with many different forms of trash service.  By and far my current provider here in Huber Heights is the cheapest and most accommodating of any service I’m familiar with.

Usually, with single payer service the city ends up including the trash service fee as part of the yearly taxes.  That way the consumer really doesn’t know how much is being paid.  Also, when a municipality goes to single provider they usually make everyone subscribe.  This has its good points and bad points.  I’ve know people that don’t subscribe to any service and then take their trash to business dumpsters pushing the cost onto that business.  On the other hand if you’ve moved and your house is empty why pay for trash pick-up.

To my neighbors concerns though.  I can understand that a retiree could be disturbed with the very frequent sound of garbage trucks.  Especially, here where all the providers pick up recyclables on one trip and then normal trash on another.  In the summer all the kids ride their bikes and play in the streets.  It would be much safer if we cut the number of trash runs in half.  I would hope that our roads were built to standards which would take into consideration the need for trash haulers to be on the road.  But the heavy trucks must be more damaging the more often they go over them. 

There are many considerations to whether the city should go to a single service provider or stay with the current system.  It will be interesting to see what can be done to ensure we  don’t put ourselves into a position where we pay monopoly prices, but we do reduce road wear and noise while increasing public safety. 


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Single Provider?

Date: 02/25/2011

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