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Water Softening

The city is exploring the option of softening the water prior to its coming to your house.  Depending on the cost I like the idea. 

I just paid for a new water softener so in theory that will be a waste of money if the city starts to soften the water for us.  But I will get to stop buying salt.  Speaking of salt, the process the city will employ does not rely on salt.  I think this can only have positive effects on blood pressure.

The city commissioned a survey to get an idea if people would be for this idea.  You can find the summary of the results on the city’s website.

I was disappointed in the report that the city decided to publish on their website.  In that report it gives the percent of people that indicated they would be willing to pay extra for the service or pay extra for the service if it was only a temporary increase etc.  But they didn’t give us any indication on how much extra it might cost per month.  Nor did it tell us how long temporary  might last. 

When I say in my home page bullet statement “I believe its better to argue upfront than apologize later” what I mean is I would rather see this type of information out in public early.  I believe it is better to give everyone the opportunity to present all objections if they have some.  This always allows for better decision making. 


Do you want the city to soften the water?

Date: 25 Feb 2011

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