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Administration Committee 


Below you can find notes from upcoming and previous Administration Committee Meetings. 


The Administration Committee is schedule to meet at 6pm Wed 18 Jan  Tuesday 17 Jan 2012.  As of Monday 16 Jan no background information is published at the meeting and information menu on the city's website.   

The agenda is posted below.  This is a good time to review my contention that the council most of the time the city goes into executive session to discuss the purchase of land they do it contrary to Ohio's Sunshine Law.  This is a problem with this council because they seem to purposely use these executive session to hide important details about projects such as the Aquatic center and the Heights development project until it is too late for citizens to provide useful comments that would improve the decisions made about these important expenditures.  Hopefully they will post the background information for the agenda items prior to the meeting at 6pm

          Executive Session Pending or Imminent Litigation and Purchase or Acquisition of Real Estate Property

          Recreational Facilities Planning

          City Amphitheater

          City Financial Audits

          Special Assessments

          City Levy Campaign

          Liquor Permit #2087184 Deroma Italian Restaurant LLC 6250-6254 Chambersburg Road and Liquor Permit #9267353 Victoria s Italian Cuisine LLC 5570 Merily Way

          MVRPC Appointments

          Board and Commission Appointments

          Public Records Training Designation

A full discussion of the caveat they use to go into executive session can be found at (Read the brown font paragraph on the right hand side).  Basically it boils down to my argument that in order to go into executive discussion for the purpose of purchasing property, the council has to show that "premature disclosure of information would give an unfair competitive or bargaining advantage to a person whose personal, private interest is adverse to the general public interest." I do not believe they can even remotely believe this caveat applies for this Land Assembly Agreement.  


Administration committee met Jan 4th,  The interesting items: 

         Internet Marketing Campaign (decided to hire a company to advertise the city's website [$54,000 a year],  The city website will have to be updated to make that advertising useful-

         Arts and Beautification Commission Activities (working to get the Dayton Philharmonic to perform the Messiah next December at St Peters, this is exciting and I hope they get it arranged - and I hope they do it in a way that is fair to the taxpayer and available to a wide range of residents)


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