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Date Subject Summary
16 Jan 2012 Administration Committee

Next Meeting Update 18 Jan 2012.  There is an executive session to discuss the possible acquisition of land.  Remember this is how they (inappropriately) hide big projects such as the aquatic center and the Heights project

10 Dec 2011 $150,000 in city spending This is a pre-12 Dec council meeting write-up preceding one of three videos  My parents were in town so I tried to do everything in less than 2 hours 
30 Nov 2011 w/ 2 Dec update Budget / Tax  The Administration Committee met 1 Dec to discuss the income tax levy and the budget.  
17 Nov 2011 City Council Website  My first video production talks about how to navigate the City Website
6 Nov 2011

Administration Committee Meets 

9 Nov 11

On the agenda:    Amphitheater , YMCA Agreements Recreational Facilities Planning,    The Heights Development Project  
6 Nov 2011 US Deficit Congressmen Shuler and Simpson are promoting responsible action to address the deficit. 
1 Nov 2011 Oct Timesheet Break out of hours spent on campaign and learning about the council.
25 Oct 2011 Issue 3 Vote No on Issue 3
25 Oct 2011 Water Bill Will your water bill go up?
23 Oct 2011 The Heights The Land Assembly Agreement- first thoughts
11 Oct 2011 AFSCME Election Survey Public Employee Union asked for my responses to specific questions of concern
25 Sept 2011 The Heights Council considers purchasing the first 10 acres of land - what other information should they provide?
30 Aug 11 Development Complex The "Heights" is a concept for a new development.  This article focuses on the fact council doesn't discuss this type of item until it is to late for the public to contribute.
28 Aug 11 Aquatic Center Who will run the Aquatic Center and how much will it cost for admission?  Council started talking about a contract for the YMCA.
28 Aug 11 Aquatic Center Running notes I had posted on the front page of the website
27 Jun 11 Renegotiating City Contracts Comments from when the contracts were approved. 
7 May 11 Aquatic Center Summary of issues
25 April 11 City collective bargaining The city was asked by the Unions to renegotiate contracts prior to SB5 going into effect. 
20 April 11 Courier Article Article provided to the HH Courier.  I just re-read and really like what it says.
20 April 11 Aquatic Center Status Report of what I could figure out as of 20 April 
20 Apr 11 Sidewalk Repair Highlights the difference between what citizens believe and city position. 
19 Mar 11 Open Meetings Little did I know when I wrote this article back in March how much the city needs to improve on this.
19  Mar 11 Value for Tax Dollars I won't spend money just because it is there.
15 Mar 11 Aquatic Center Follow-up after council meeting
13 Mar 11 Aquatic Center First article on Aquatic Center
25 Feb 11 Trash Service Last year there was talk about going to a single trash pick-up
25 Feb 11 Thomas Cloud The city runs Thomas Cloud Park
25 Feb 11 Water Softening Last year there was talk about softening the city water.
25 Feb 11 City Services