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Are you prepared for extreme complication of your Health Care?


Ballot Issue 3 contains this language: 

"In Ohio, no law or rule shall prohibit the purchase or sale of health care" 

and it contains this language: 

"In Ohio, no law or rule shall impose a penalty or fine for sale or purchase of health care. 


If you vote yes to this amendment the Ohio legislature will never be able to change the health care laws.  The people who thought up this amendment tell us they were trying to opt Ohio out of Obama Care.  Even if this were possible would we really want to lock in forever the health care system we had in place before Mar 19th 2010?  At least with Obama Care once the rest of the country realizes how bad it is we can change the law.  With this amendment Ohio is stuck with the laws that were on the books in 2010.  No - is the only reasonable vote on this issue.   Vote  "No" on issue 3 because voting yes makes the Federal government the only one that can make laws or rules concerning health care for those of us that live in Ohio. (listing of articles I've written opposing Obama Care at end of this page)


Here is the entire issue as it will appear on the ballot

Issue 3

Proposed Constitutional Amendment



Proposed by Initiative Petition

To adopt Section 21 of Article I of the Constitution of the State of Ohio

A majority yes vote is necessary for the amendment to pass.

The proposed amendment would provide that:

1. In Ohio, no law or rule shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or

health care provider to participate in a health care system.

2. In Ohio, no law or rule shall prohibit the purchase or sale of health care or health


3. In Ohio, no law or rule shall impose a penalty or fine for the sale or purchase of health

care or health insurance.

The proposed amendment would not:

1. Affect laws or rules in effect as of March 19, 2010.

2. Affect which services a health care provider or hospital is required to perform or provide.

3. Affect terms and conditions of government employment.

4. Affect any laws calculated to deter fraud or punish wrongdoing in the health care


If approved, the amendment will be effective thirty days after the election.


The links to my Healthcare articles are below:  Before that watch the most important television report concerning the financial health of this country I have seen to date.  This report tells us there are over 100 US Congressman (at least 60 Democrats and 40 Republicans) seriously talking about what we need to do to get this country on the right fiscal path.  These congressmen sent a letter to the super committee letting them know we need a plan that reduces the deficit by at least $4 trillion.  Watch the report and then contact your congressman and tell him you support this effort. 

This is much more important than my articles below.  The articles will be there tomorrow.  The super committee's time is running out. Read More


Here are the links to show I oppose Obama Care.

Why health insurance reform is not healthcare reform:  I believe health insurance as we know it now is inflationary.  

A new Health Insurance Product:   Self Pay backed by Guaranty 

Health Insurance Reform:

Obama-Biden Healthcare Proposal: During the presidential campaign the Obama-Biden ticket put out their suggestions for healthcare reform.  This is how the political process should work.  They had a suggestion and gave us some details on how they intended to make it work.  This allowed me to address those details. 

Tort Reform  

Rate Increases:  How could the President expect anything but!

Articles I intend to write (same background thoughts posted):

Will insurance companies even offer Individual policies in 2014?

Will this law strengthen health insurance companies or is this a backhanded way to drive to a government only healthcare system?

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