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This evening I attended the City Council meeting.  Though I haven’t attended any of the specialized City Council Meetings I’ve attended the general meeting consistently for the past 6 months.   I decided to address the Council this evening and ask for two things.  Because no one I talked with before the meeting had even known there was a discussion about a rec center and half of the people I told initially thought it was a bad idea, I asked that they not approve either agenda item on an emergency basis.  Knowing that they were going to ignore that request I asked them to be thorough in discussing the decisions behind the project.  At least this is what I thought I was asking. Eventually you and I will be able to go in and view the video to see how close I actually came to meeting that goal.  Unfortunately, not only did they gloss over this request in my opinion they represented that these measures did little more than allow a feasibility study to take place.  At the least this “fact” was meant as a smokescreen to mask that they weren’t going to present any details that would be useful to  residents for use to construct  informed inputs. 

But here are the details I was able to discern along with other thoughts and questions these prompted:

Details 1.

Thomas Cloud would not be a possibility.  The funds the city plans to spend are associated with the development of the I-70 Interchange projects for the Troy Pike and Brandt Pike exits.  These funds will have to be spent around these interchanges.  It is possible to see the definition of “around” by inquiry at city hall during business hours.   But in any case Thomas Cloud is not in that definition.

Thoughts 1a.  Council did not discuss if they had considered or could have considered the area around the closed K-mart or one of the other stressed strip malls or the huge parking lot near the theatre

Here are the notes I took with me outlining what I was prepared to say.

Post City Council Meeting Update

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The videos of past City Council meetings are available on the city’s website.  Eventually it should be available at this link.


I’ve not seen it yet but my family watched on the web.  You can prepare yourself for my speaking ability by noting my 12 year old’s comment. 

Section 1. The City Manager is authorized to negotiate and execute a purchase agreement,

substantially in the form and terms as set forth on the Purchase Agreement attached hereto as

Exhibit A for the for the purchase of the Real Estate in an amount not to exceed $700,000.


I should add a caveat.  The resolution calls out Exhibit A.  This exhibit may have some qualifiers limiting the City Managers authority.  However, that exhibit was not presented for review as part of any package available before the meeting

Detail 2.

Either I don’t know how to read or I don’t know how to listen because during the meeting I heard “these resolutions are only a means for starting a feasibility study” and when reading the resolution (section 1) I believe it allows the City Manager to commit to spending $700,000.  What I heard at the meeting conflicted with what I am reading in the resolution. 

Talking with the editor of Huber Heights Courier after the meeting his recollection tells me maybe I don’t listen very well.  He told me that it was obvious from the discussions during the meeting the city was committing to spend up to the $700,000 to buy the land.   So now I know two pieces of information; the money is suppose to come from the  interchange credits, and the city manager can spend the $700,000.

2a.  This made me wonder if the city goes out and spends the $700,000 now - is that money going to be advanced by the Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District or will that money have to come from the city and then be reimbursed?  If the feasibility study finds a reason not to build on the site but the land is already purchased who is responsible for the $700,000?

Detail 3. 

The council already has a multi-page document with pictures and details about the proposed Recreation Center.  The public got to watch a councilman thumb through it and mention a couple items that may come out of it.  Perhaps tennis and basketball courts, a walking trail, better access to Carriage Hill.  Also, all in all the entire area may either bring in or cost $6 million (testing my listening ability again).  And Huber Heights interchanges are about to become the destination of choice from Columbus to the Indian line.

3a.  Did I hear an endorsement for bringing in a Mega hotel to anchor the interchange?  From the meeting tonight there is no indication the residents of Huber Heights will find out what was in that document anytime soon. 

Detail 4

I can’t think of any other useful detail presented about the project.

4a.  I debated with myself whether I should start by letting everyone know I was on the ballot as a choice for city council.  I decided not to because I didn’t want to give the appearance that I was speaking to advertise I was running.  I assume the council members know.  After the meeting  I received a few comments from others in the audience that the council “disrespected me” because they acknowledged and thanked other speakers but generally did not mention me.  I think it was totally appropriate that they didn’t reinforce to the public my name.  I wish though they would have addressed my concerns with more diligence.

She Said, “Daddy you know Moses got his brother to speak for him”