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The Nov 9th Administration Committee Meeting should be interesting


Below I've copied the meeting notice for the administration committee meeting.  I hate to promise that the subject matter will be interesting because it is impossible to tell what about the Amphitheater, YMCA agreements, Recreational Facilities (aquatic center) and the Heights Development Project will be discussed.  But it wouldn't be surprising that this meeting is so full of items interesting because council wanted to wait and see the results of the election.  I've linked a few of the agenda items to articles I've written in the course of the year. Click on them to follow the link.


The Chair of the Administration Committee has scheduled a meeting (around 6pm at city hall) to discuss:

         Employee Personnel Manual Direct Deposit

         City Amphitheater

         YMCA Agreements

         Recreational Facilities Planning

         The Heights Development Project

         Economic Development Case Analysis

         Issuance of Notes/Bonds

         Gas Credit Card Payments

         Miami County Motor Vehicle License Fees

         Ward Redistricting

         Board and Commission Appointments


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