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How much would a yes vote Monday cost the city if they decide not to build the complex?  According to the resolution the architect gets 8% of the expected construction cost.  How much of this do they get if they complete the drawings but the project never gets built? 

If the council decides not to authorize an architectural contract on Monday this will probably make it so the project will not be completed by Memorial Day 2012.  The question is how much will it cost the city to terminate the contract if after all the numbers are run the cost of the project doesn't justify the benefit.  Or if the city decides to terminate because it becomes obvious it could be designed and built for significantly less money?

The city seems to be on an unstoppable path to developing this project under this plan.  But there are enough open questions that once examined may make the council reconsider.  We know the council plans to offer the architecture firm 8% of the total construction cost but what triggers payment of this fee.  It makes sense that at least part of this amount will be earned once the drawings are completed.  If this is a nominal amount then it may be worth the chance of voting yes.  However if the full amount is due upon drawing completion this would be at least a $436,000 commitment.    



Let me state again I am not currently a member of council.  I am not privilege enough to know what has been discussed in executive session.  There is also the possibility the information is available publicly.  I welcome you or present council members to point to the public record if there is one available and I will incorporate that knowledge in my assessment and decision making process. 


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